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Shaw Direct satellite TV offers the most HD channels in Canada - LEarn more


The Motorola HDDSR 600 from Shaw Direct is a full-featured digital satellite receiver with an HDTV decoder that will bring the power of HD programming into your living room. It also includes multiple output connectors and formats, including HDMI so you can access the highest quality entertainment possible.

More Information

  • Combines a full-featured, MPEG-4 capable digital satellite receiver with an advanced HDTV decoder to deliver dazzling high-definition programming
  • Easy-to-use interactive menu
  • Multiple output connectors and formats, including HDMI
  • Also provides standard-definition video and audio outputs
  • An enhanced viewer menu system contains an interactive program guide (IPG) that provides extensive program information to help you plan for the week or weekend ahead
  • The easy-to-use viewer menu system is conveniently integrated in the remote control


Type of Dish 60 cm or 75 cm Elliptical
100% Digital Video/Audio Yes
Advanced MPEG-2/DVB Compliant Yes
Alternative Language Support Yes
Built-In Personal Digital Recorder No
Channel Favourite Lists Yes
Closed Caption Support Yes
Digital Video Recording Capable No
Dish Included Yes
Dolby Digital Capable Yes
Dolby Digital Ready Yes
Dual LNBF Design Yes
Event Timers Yes
Front Panel Smart Card Access No
High Definition/HDTV Ready Yes
Local Channels Available Yes
Low-Noise Block Converter (LNBF) Yes
Off-Air Antenna (F-Connectors) No
On-Screen Channel & Program Banner Yes
On-Screen Pay-Per-View Purchase Summary Yes
On-Screen Programming Guide & Listings Yes
On-Screen Program Start Time Indicator Yes
Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in Guide Yes
Parental Controls Yes
Remote Control Transmission UHF
Soft Keys Interactive Feature Info Yes
Software Upgrades (Via Satellite) Yes
Stacked LNBF No
Start-up Pre-Progammed Channel No
Themed Programme Categories Yes
Title & Artist Display (Audio) Yes
V-Chip Technology Yes
IR Blaster No
Component Video Output Jack Yes
2400 Baud Internal Modem Jack Yes
Remote Control Yes
S-Video Output Jack No
Width 25.4 cm
Height 3.8 cm
Depth 14.6 cm
Warranty Labour 1 Year(s)

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